Zenit, a quality pre-finished panel, manufactured in Europe by Alvic, one of the world leading innovators in decorative board products. Zenit features a velvety-smooth Supermatt surface that has to be touched to be appreciated. Available as a generous oversized sheet at 2750 x 1220mm and pressed onto 18mm MR MDF board (G2S).

Suitable for doors, panelling & furniture applications, Zenit Supermatt offers exceptional resistance to stains, scratches and abrasions.

Finish your Zenit Supermatt panels with a quality edge. Zenit Supermatt ABS edging has a match for every colour and style in the Zenit range and comes in 75 metre rolls.


8 Characteristics of Zenit Supermatt

  •     High Scratch Resistance
  •     High Abrasion Resistance
  •     High Stain Resistance
  •     Easy To Clean & Maintain
    •     Great Durability
    •     Sustainably Manufactured
    •     Colour Stability


SPECIFICATIONS         HMR MDF  2750 x 1220 x 18mm


*Please Note: Digital decor samples will differ from the physical product. Please view a physical sample before ordering.


Zenit Style Range



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