Wood Slat Ceiling Systems

Create rhythm and depth with Worldwide Timber Traders’ Versawood® modular wood slat batten system for walls and ceilings – manufactured right here in Perth, WA. Available in standard panel profiles, sizes and finishes for projects that are working to tight budget constraints, or fully customisable to meet specific project requirements.

Versawood® Batten System Profiles

16 x 65 Batten Profiles

BF 16 65 47 (329mm Panels)

BF 16 65 54 (329mm Panels)

32 x 65 Batten Profiles

BF 16 65 45 (332mm Panels)

BF 16 65 65 (344mm Panels)

95 x 16 Batten Profiles

BF 95 16 105 (325mm Panels)

BF 16 65 115 (355mm Panels)

25 x 65 Batten Profiles

BF 25 65 45 (328mm Panels)

BF 16 65 65 (336mm Panels)

65 x 16 Batten Profiles

BF 65 16 79 (310mm Panels)

BF 65 16 85 (350mm Panels)

Worldwide’s Versawood® timber slat ceiling systems will take your space to a whole new level. Along with a black spun-bonded acoustic fabric lining (scrim), these noise-reducing, acoustic systems provide natural warmth and present strong lines for a seamless, high-end looking result. 

Our slat systems are custom designed and built to adapt to the space they are going to be displayed in and are locally manufactured here in Perth to reduce lead times. Choose from our standard profiles and finishes or discuss your project with our specification team if your project has specific design requirements that need to be considered. 

You can also receive project solutions including Fire Rated and Green Star compliant options. Get an online price estimate or give our expert team a call to discuss your project requirements today on: (08) 9418 3222

Standard Versawood® Finishes

FLEXIPANEL SPECS:     Sizes: Available in 2400mm lengths     Substrate: MR MDF


Please Note: Versawood® batten systems are a ‘made-to-order’ product, therefore lead times do apply


Versawood® Flexipanel

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NAVURBAN SPECS:     Sizes: 2400 or 3600mm lengths (dependent on substrate)     Substrate: Variable


Please Note: Versawood® batten systems are a ‘made-to-order’ product, therefore lead times do apply.


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Versawood® Navurban




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Customised Timber Batten Systems

Looking for a more customised timber slat system or need to meet specific project requirements? We’ve got you covered!

Select from a whole range of finishing and length options outside of the standard Versawood® batten system offer. If you are interested in using beautiful solid timbers, natural timber veneers, coloured MDF, painted finishes, or you are involved in a Green Star project, speak with our knowledgeable specification team on (08) 9418 3222 for a solution tailored to your project

Installation Note: Due to the wide variety in installation situations, Worldwide Timbers Traders do not provide a “recommended” solution to installing your batten systems. We can however suggest to view the Rondo installation instructions as a guide, based on experienced ceiling/wall panel fabricators feedback. For more information please contact our office on (08) 9418 3222.