Need to significantly reduce excessive noise in your school, home or office cubicle?

Absorb soundwaves with our attractive, noise dampening range of decorative acoustic panels by Woven Image.

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Decorative Acoustic Panels Perth

EchoPanel® by Woven Image is a superior decorative paneling solution offering premium acoustic performance and a pinnable, fabric-like finish.

Create stunning, comfortable and practical workspaces with a product that has been manufactured for many applications including; workstations, decorative acoustic panels, room dividers/screens, pin boards, feature walls and other custom projects.

With a huge range of colours and styles to choose from, go ahead and browse Worldwide Timber Traders EchoPanel® collection or contact us now on: (08) 9418 3222

“Transform your work and living spaces into an eye-catching, comfortable environment that’s simply enjoyable to be in.”

Applications. How Will You Use EchoPanel®?

EchoPanel® And The Environment

Since 2004, Woven Image has recycled 4415 tonnes of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) to make its products. This equates to over 220 million 600ml plastic drink bottles that could otherwise end up in landfill or in our oceans.

All base materials utilise recycled or waste materials and all printed designs use non-toxic pigment inks with low VOC’s. With ecological sustainability and environmental quality requirements facing contemporary interior design and fit outs, EchoPanel® is recyclable and Global GreenTag Certified.

Specifications And Styles


SPECIFICATIONS      Sheet Size:  2800 x 1200mm     Thickness: 7mm

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SPECIFICATIONS      Sheet Size:  2800 x 1200     Thickness: 12mm

*Please Note: Digital decor samples will differ from the physical product. Please view a physical sample before ordering. Additional colours and patterns may be available for this product. Contact us for more details.


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