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On top of their acoustic value, Acoufelt acoustic wall panels can also be used as an aesthetic addition. The sound absorbing panels are available in a number of block colours, as well as a number of cut, bevel, sizing and edging finishes. Panels are also easy to install, and available in a number of thicknesses, depending on the acoustic, aesthetic and budgetary requirements of your project.

The Full Colour collection represents an assortment of hand-selected colourways, available on a FilaSorb™ acoustic panel for wall applications.

Acoustic panels are one of the more common soundscaping options for the wall. Soundscaping using acoustic treatment involves optimising the interior acoustics of a space through reducing unwanted high and low sound frequencies from your space.

Acoufelt wall panels are designed to absorb sound across a wide range of frequencies. Mounted vertically, wall panels can assist in reducing reverberation and echo caused by the reflection of sound between hard surfaces in a space, resulting in a more pleasant soundscape. This makes them particularly appropriate for open plan areas in workplace, hospitality, healthcare and education.

Our Full Colour acoustic panel collection is available in 29 hand-selected colourways for wall applications. Acoufelt Full Colour acoustic panels are comprised of FilaSorb™, contributing to both the acoustic performance of the panel (NRC 0.45-0.85), as well as the smooth surface finish.

Our technical team are here to help you find the best sound absorption solution for your needs. Our acoustic panels, alongside our comprehensive portfolio of acoustic products, will help you Make Quiet across a range of interior spaces. 


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