Worldwide Timber Traders supply 90mm cold roll formed screwed steel framing!

For 11yrs WWTT has owned and operated a 90mm steel roll forming machine which produces an accurate machined product that punches and dimples to recess the screw heads. We roll from Bluescope True core coil in base Metal Thicknesses of 0.75 1.0 and 1.2 mm

Our product is lipped for ease of handling and can also box together to double the strength of members.

The Steel Framing Section has an experienced in house designer/detailer who uses Frame CAD Structure to produce the files for the machine.

We can work from plans or sketch to produce a quote that will include a screenshot of the 3D model of the framed structure. This model can be opened with Print 3D which is part of Windows operating system which allows you to zoom in and rotate the model at home.

If you prefer to save money on transportation and fabrication we are happy to process the job through our machine and supply the entire job as individual marked parts unassembled and packed frame by frame with the paperwork and screws for you to build yourself on site.

Click here to download WWTT's Steel Framing Brochure

Click here to download WWTT's Sample Sheet

Quick To Erect

Prefab or processed parts you can take our product and put it together no matter what your skill level. Lighter than comparative timber products and with all lengths cut and holes punched all you need is a battery operated drill / driver to screw them together.

Light To Handle

Steel has a high yield strength to its weight which makes for economic design processes in construction. Frames with open web lintels are considerably lighter than timber frames with old timber lintels which means you need less labour when raising them into place and moving them to position. Tall walls in timber need 45mm timber studs at closer stud centres, 1.2 steel walls can do the same job at half the weight. If you have tall raking walls at the ends of your building steel wins hands down.

Pest Proof

We all know or have heard of someone who've had the heartache of someone who has found termites in their home. This can lead to very expensive repairs or even entire homes needing to be rebuilt. The new threat is the European House Borer which has caused havoc at similar latitudes to Perth in Southern Africa. A future issue may be the more voracious northwest termite moving south as the climate changes as has been the case on the east coast of Australia.


Because steel framing is processed using CAD and CNC software it's a lot easier to create all manner of shapes with light steel framing. Frames with angled top or bottom plates are no harder to build than straight frames so unlike timber frames the cutting and labour component is not priced at a premium.Raking gable walls are a breeze and frames can be shaped around structural steel base plates bolts and bracing. Builders are even using the steel framing to create the shape of the stairs in two storey builds.

High Strength

Australian steel is world recognised for its quality and consistency. Bluescope's coil steel material is manufactured to meet AS 1397 for which it is regularly tested to ensure uniform product quality. Zincalume Steel which is highly durable has the strength of steel and the stable qualities of Zinc and Aluminium. Worldwide Timber Traders' cold roll form 90mm Zincalume lipped "C" channel in 0.75/1.00/1.15 material thicknesses. The 12mm lip gives 60% more strength than un-lipped. The cold roll forming process does not affect the ductile strength of the steel or compromise the protective coatings.

Non Combustible

For anyone building in Bushfire zones you are aware of the extra complexities when it comes to conforming to the relevant codes. Building sites assessed under AS3959-2009 BAL-FZ sites are those considered most at risk of bushfire attack and any structures built on them have to be assessed and certified. Structures in these zones can benefit from using non-combustible materials, as a structural building material steel will not contribute fuel to the spread of a house fire.

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