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Laminate is a printed surface usually made of plastic and bonded to a composite base. It is similar to the more widely used plywood, except that it has a plastic, protective layer on one or both sides. Laminate panels are used instead of plywood because of their resistance to impact, weather, moisture, and chemicals.

If you are looking for a stunning high pressure, decorative surface, Worldwide Timber Traders have you covered. Come visit our Bibra Lake office and see our samples today!

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Polyrey High Pressure Laminate (HPL), is a versatile, robust and hygienic surface, highly resistant to moisture, impacts, stains, scratches, etc. Suitable for covering vertical surfaces (doors, wall panels) as well as horizontal surfaces (worktops, furniture), the antibacterial Sanitized® grade surface also contains chemical resistant properties, unlike most other products of its kind. Polyrey is available in a wide range of solid colours, pattern decors and woodgrains to suit any residential or commercial project. FSC® and PEFC™ certified product.

Panoprey Melamine Panels

Panoprey, the prefinished melamine board. This economical, ready-to-use decorative panel is suitable for vertical use (partitions), and moderate horizontal use (furniture), in low traffic environments.

Polyrey ABS Edging

Also available: Polyrey ABS edging. Finish your project with the attractive, streamlined, Polyrey ABS edgebanding. Sold as U/G 100m or 25m rolls, or P/G 50m rolls.


Polyrey high performance characteristics

  •     Impact Resistant
  •     Abrasion Resistant
  •     Scratch Resistant
  •     Easy To Maintain
    •     Heat Resistant
    •     Moisture Resistant
    •     Household Chemical Resistant
    •     Colour Fastness


SPECIFICATIONS      Polyrey HPL Sizes: 3070 x 1240 x 0.6mm, 3070 x 1320 x 0.6mm, 3660 x 1510 x 0.6, 0.8mm, 4120 x 1510 x 0.8mm


SPECIFICATIONS      Panoprey HMR MDF   Size: 2400 x 1200 x 18mm


SPECIFICATIONS      ABS Edging  U/G: 100m, 25m rolls, P/G: 50m rolls


Solid Colours 

Woodgrain Collection

Pattern Collection

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Technical Data Sheet (HPL)
Safety Data Sheet (HPL)
Safety Data Sheet (Melamine)



“Leave your mark, not your fingerprints”


Clean Touch© is the breakthrough clean surface that leaves no traces after touching. Clean Touch© laminate is a soft surface reflecting minimal light, suited to both horizontal and vertical applications. Clean Touch© is highly resistant to light scratches, abrasions, scuffs and dry heat, making it perfect for those high traffic areas. With 6 appealing colours to choose from, be comforted by the extensive range of unique Clean Touch© features:


Clean Touch Features & Characteristics

  •    Anti-Fingerprint
  •    Thermal Self-Healing
  •    Semi Anti-Bacterial
  •    Water Repellant
  •    Mould Resistant
  •    Anti-Static
  •    Easy To Clean


APPLICATIONS    Bathrooms – Kitchens – Hospitality – Healthcare – Childcare – Clinics – Pharmaceutical

SPECIFICATIONS    2450 x 1230mm,  3050 x 1230mm,  3660 x 1230mm,  2450 x 1300mm,  3050 x 1300mm

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Clean Touch Brochure





Introducing Worldwide Timber Traders range of quality 38mm high pressure decorative laminate benchtops. Available in both textured and gloss finishes. The available sizes are 3600 x 600 x 40 mm SPF single post-form and 3600 x 900 x 40 mm DPF double post-form.


APPLICATIONS    Benchtops – Other

SPECIFICATIONS    Thickness: 40mm           Sizes: 3600 x 600mm, 3600 x 900mm


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Safety Data Sheet (Please contact us for SDS info)

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