Cellulose Fibre Reinforced Cement (FRC), or simply fibre cement is an asbestos-free, cement-based building material that can be used on both timber and steel framed buildings. The BGC Durasheet™ product we stock is made from Radiata Pine cellulose fibre, cement, water, sand and small amounts of other chemical additives to help the process, or provide products with particular characteristics.

BGC Durasheet™ is a general purpose sheet that provides quality cladding for gable ends, eaves, sofits, car ports and verandah linings.

4.5mm thickness is generally used in timber framed residential buildings for soffit / eaves linings and the cladding of features such as gable ends. 6.0mm thickness is recommended for light commercial applications, cyclonic wind zones and steel framed constructions.


Sheet Sizes (Thickness: 4.5mm)

SPECIFICATIONS        450 x 2400mm,   600 x 2400mm,   750 x 2400mm

                                    900 x 1800mm, 900 x 2400mm 900 x 2700mm, 900 x 3000mm


Sheet Sizes (Thickness: 6mm)


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