Made from sustainably managed plantation timber or bamboo, dyed or undyed, laminated together and re-sliced to form unique patterns and colours. The majority of the TrueGrain veneers are made from dyed veneers and are nearly perfectly consistent in colour and pattern, making them ideal for large areas of matching paneling and projects with multiple packages.

TrueGrain Natural veneers are manufactured using downgrade or waste veneers that would have otherwise gone to land-fill. If selecting an undyed TrueGrain Natural veneer, due to the natural colour variation inherently found in timber, project planning is recommended to achieve the aesthetic result required.


SPECIFICATIONS          *Various sheet sizes 


*Please Note: Veneer is a natural product, therefore its appearance and colour may vary from sheet to sheet. Digital veneer samples will differ from the physical product. Please view a physical sample before ordering.


Colours and Patterns

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