“Leave your mark, not your fingerprints”


Clean Touch© is the breakthrough clean surface that leaves no traces after touching. Clean Touch© laminate is a soft surface reflecting minimal light, suited to both horizontal and vertical applications. Clean Touch© is highly resistant to light scratches, abrasions, scuffs and dry heat, making it perfect for those high traffic areas. With 6 appealing colours to choose from, be comforted by the extensive range of unique Clean Touch© features:


Clean Touch Features & Characteristics

  •    Anti-Fingerprint
  •    Thermal Self-Healing
  •    Semi Anti-Bacterial
  •    Water Repellant
  •    Mould Resistant
  •    Anti-Static
  •    Easy To Clean


APPLICATIONS    Bathrooms – Kitchens – Hospitality – Healthcare – Childcare – Clinics – Pharmaceutical

SPECIFICATIONS    2450 x 1230mm,  3050 x 1230mm,  3660 x 1230mm,  2450 x 1300mm,  3050 x 1300mm


*Please Note: Digital decor samples will differ from the physical product. Please view a physical sample before ordering.


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