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Create striking designs with Forescolor engineered wood fibre board.

Forescolor is suitable for demanding environments where durability and lasting vibrant appearance are required such as; wall panelling, ceilings, acoustic panels and other custom applications. Forescolors’ natural appearance and consistent colour makes it ideal for various interior solutions including restaurants, shopfitting, commercial interiors, schools & toys.

Individual wood fibres are impregnated with organic dye and chemically bonded by a resin, developed to give the panel its special properties.This decorative MDF board is supplied as a raw uncoated panel which can be custom routed and multiple coloured boards can be pressed (glued) together to create unique shapes and patterns.

Forescolor boards can be polished for a smoother, vibrant matt finish.

Important: Each fibre in FORESCOLOR is individually dyed. Variations in colour tone or hue will occur in the production process as individual wood fibres will absorb varying amounts of dye. Some colours are more susceptible to variations in colour tone. Panels should be selected from the same batch of the same thickness. To ensure a suitable colour toning is achieved care should be taken when blending different thicknesses on a project. We recommend all surfaces have a suitable coating system to protect them against marking and provide optimum performance. Panel colour is to be checked and blended prior to installation. Discuss your FORESCOLOR project requirements with Worldwide Timber Traders to ensure the best outcome.


SPECIFICATIONS      Size: 2440 x 1220mm


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