Lauan Ply is a non-structural interior grade, tropical, hardwood plywood that has many home and hobby applications and is readily available at Worldwide Timber Traders. The veneers are glued together in layers to make a soft plywood product with a smooth face. The few defects are filled and sanded smooth, but this means that the timber is best used for applications where the face will be painted. Not suitable for structural applications or exterior use.


APPLICATIONS          Furniture – Cupboard Backing – Crafts – RV interior Walls – Picture Frame Backing

SPECIFICATIONS      Sheet Size: 2440 x 1200mm           Thickness: 3.6mm

                                    FACES: BB/CC              GLUE BOND: C Bond                FIRE RATING: –

*Please note, all plywoods have an allowable tolerance. If you have specialty cut jobs – please check thickness before cutting.



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